Welcome to Mr smartlocks and here you can find information about smart locks, how they work and how they can help you in your daily life.

About smartlocks

Ever lost your keys? Ever wished the doors would lock themselves at night? Welcome to the world of the smart lock, where digital and secure keys operate your doors whenever and from wherever you choose. From letting in the cleaner once a week to allowing the postman to drop off an awkward package when you’re out, the smart lock makes perfect sense in today’s hectic world, where immediate access and remote control are often far more useful than we might first admit.

How do smartlocks work?

The best smart locks work by replacing part of your existing locking system with a ‘smart’ element that can unlock the door – in some cases physically retracting the bolts, in others allowing the keyholder to do so using the manual handle. To unlock the smart lock, you will need a key, which can range from a standard metal key to a digital version in a mobile app, a credit card or a fob. The latter options contain a unique, virtual key that’s ideally encrypted to prevent interception. This authenticates you to the lock and allows you to control it. Some smart locks take this a step further, using keypads so a master code unlocks the door (if your keys are lost, or your phone battery is exhausted, for example), and in some cases fingerprint readers. The best smart locks have backup options so you can still open the door if the batteries in the lock go flat, the wifi is down, or a brand’s servers suffer an outage.

5 reason to upgrade to a smartlock

In case you’re not aware of how a smart lock could benefit your home, I outlined the top five reasons why you should get one. Since you may connect it to your smartphone and control its services anywhere, you can save time from your daily activities.

1. Security

The primary and most important reason why a smart lock is a great addition to your home is because of its certain extra security features. Traditional locks have been around for so long, and burglars already master the art of picking traditional locks.

Can they do this on smart locks? I don’t think so. With a smart lock, passwords are more secure, any activity on the door will automatically send a real-time notification on your smartphone connected, and it has settings that allow you to set the alarm for extra home security.

2. Remote Entry: Access to Other People

If you have a babysitter or cleaner to come over your home, you can create users and give them personalized access to your home if you have a smart lock. This is also helpful as remote access for vacation rental rooms too.

Even when you’re not on the site, you can give access to the guests who will stay at one of your properties. You can also set one-time entry access to smart locks to allow other people to enter your home.

What’s even cooler is that smart locks send a notification to your phone when one of the access codes is used, regardless if you’re on the site or not.

Other models of smart locks are used to monitor who comes in and out of your home using these access codes. This includes an accessible history log of the date and time of their entry into your home.

3. A Stylish First Impression

Not all your friends and family have ever heard of a smart lock. If you’re the first home to use a smart lock in your block, wouldn’t it make a great impression upon entering your home?

Aside from the sleek design and automatic features of smart locks, it adds a great impression on your home labeled as a “smart home.”

4. Convenience and Functionality

I’m sure you keep a bunch of keys in your bag, and you’re tired of fumbling around looking for it. Each key is labeled “front door” or “porch”, and it takes time to look for the right key to open the door.

Every day you struggle before you go inside your home, you keep on reading the labels for a minute or two before actually opening the lock. Sounds familiar? Almost everyone has this common experience.

The primary use of smart locks is to add convenience to your everyday life. Other smart locks can even be paired with voice command assistants via Bluetooth.

Most smart lock models will save you the effort to reproduce physical keys to all family members just to hide under a pot. This is the 21st century; after all, the use of smart locks are a great addition to a smart home.

Burglars are already familiar with the universal hiding places where most households leave the physical keys – you keep under the pot or the mat. Burglars do not have advanced technical skills to hack or control smart locks.

5. Forgetfulness

I know some of you went through the same experience at least once in your life:

  • You fell asleep because you’re too tired from work
  • You had a hand full of grocery when you came in
  • You already left and on your way to the office

Then you suddenly remember – you forgot to lock the door again.

If you have a smart lock, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. With a smart lock, you can use your phone to control it anywhere, and you can lock and unlock your door anytime.

Other smart locks even have auto-lock systems available. This means you can set 30 seconds lock-time on the smart lock when it detects that door closed.